Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Wedding! A Kitten! A Graduation! A Baby!

Much has happened between the year 2008 and 2011. Sorry to have left you out! Here is a recap in pictures of what has been going on in the past couple of years. Beginning this blog again with a big bang is a good start I think.

James and I got engaged in February of 2009 and were married three and a half months later on May 29th. We love, love, love our wedding pictures, thanks to Jill Thomas, our photographer. You can see some of her other work here. If it weren't for these pictures, I would have considered eloping.

Apparently I made a weird face just before this shot was taken. James continued to laugh at me, and I quickly got angry with him. The last of these three shots is of me attempting to push him over. Attempt failed.

This was our first home. Our entire apartment was literally 450 square feet, so we had to get a raised bed to fit our couch... I know... a married couple sleeping on a bunk bed. Pathetic. However, our adorable apartment was well worth the overcrowded mess... plus, it was fun to get experimental designing a living space in such a small room.

We got a kitten! Curtis enjoys sharing my pillow at night, biting me on the head if I moved during one of his precious naps, performing acrobatics from our bed to the kitchen cupboards, and flinging cat litter all over the bathroom. He stinks, he bites, he scratches, but he makes up for it with this face...

James and I went to Disneyland not once, not twice, but thrice this year, one of those said trips with my family on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. From left to right: My brother Chris, sisters Rachel, Maren, and Lauren, James, and I. In only a matter of months since our wedding, even though I promised myself we would not be THAT couple, James and I got fat. Yes. Fat. Which leads me to our next couple of photos; the New York trip.

James and I decided to use our tax return on a well deserved vacation to New York City. We spent all of it in New York, mainly on food. Here, James and I are enjoying a delicious corn from my all-time favorite restaurant in the world...Cafe Habana. I have referenced this restaurant on two different occasions in this blog and I am sure I will reference it again when we make another trip there. If you happen to go to New York, please go to Cafe Habana and order their Steak Sandwich with a side of grilled corn. Best. Sandwich. Ever.


James graduated in film at Brigham Young University, along with his best friends Jeremy and Chris in August of 2010! Yay James!

As much as James didn't want me to post this (he thinks he looks like a hunchback), this might be my favorite picture in the bunch. This photo was taken at James' sister's wedding. Little did I know that two hours later I would be barfing in the bathroom and miss the entire reception. Apparently it gets hot in August and drinking water is key to avoiding dehydration. Lesson learned.

And finally, we seemed to have gone crazy in September and decided to start a family. We went to our third appointment two days ago and got to see the little stinker again, but this time we found out the baby is a girl! I've got four months left until she makes her appearance. She is moving around in there almost constantly, and, to my delight, she responds especially when she hears music during my rehearsals (I'm in college right now as a music major). Without further ado, Claire Alexander.


Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

I am so stoked you are blogging again! Yay :) You guys had so much happen and we are both so stoked for your eggo to be prego!

Chelsea said...

Pretty excited for a little girl! Mom said you're due right before Jani? You WILL have the first girl afterall! Just like we talked about :)