Wednesday, February 9, 2011

nicolitalia pizzeria = best pizza in utah

I know all of The Pie fans from Salt Lake City might try to kill me once I have said this, but Nicolitalia Pizzeria is the best pizza place in Utah. Do you know of another restaurant where the owner announces your food in a Yoda accent? The owner of the place, a true east-coaster with a high pitched Boston accent, is there 24/7 making pizzas and taking orders. I love coming here just to talk to him. He is just this jolly little man who always seems so happy that I half expect him to say, "It's me, Mario!" when I walk in. You will often hear him yell through this little microphone, "I got a thick and juicy pizza fa Steve!" in his overly high pitched voice. This is half the reason I come. Reason #2 is this; the food is really good! James and I always get their Greek Salad with the most delicious Italian dressing and a Mahgarita Pizza. The only downside is that our breath reeks of garlic for the next couple of days. I love supporting a restaurant where the owner is always there, always cheerful, and even the one who makes my pizza. Witnessing a person in the process of creating their dream, and knowing that I can participate in the making of his success is really rewarding to me. Their pizza might not be the best tasting pizza I've ever had, but knowing this guy's story, and seeing how passionate he is about what he does makes it one of the best restaurant experiences I've ever had.

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meg said...

we are so obsessed with nicolitalia's that we eat there at least once a week. Nic knows my name, and we used to always get the same thing, so he knew our order, until we discovered the chicken parmesan calzone. oh my gosh. call us next time you go.