Monday, February 7, 2011

the baby bump.

Five months along. Four more to go. I look at all these other pregnant women who have bulging bellies at five months and mine is barely noticeable. What's the deal? I guess it doesn't help to wear a potato sack for a shirt.

James is pregnant too! 

Don't believe me?

In the meantime, I've been researching the whole cloth vs disposable diapers and came across bumgenius. They seem so great! One size fits all?! Wallet and planet friendly?! Less diaper rashes?! Get out! Before doing research, I had heard that cloth diapers were more expensive, caused more diaper rashes, and were extremely inconvenient. But after doing some research, I've found all of that information to be the reverse. Some experienced mothers even offered suggestions for a hybrid solution so when you are out and about for longer periods of time it's OK to use disposables. Good ideas, no? So what's your opinion? Cloth or disposable?


Kari Ferguson said...

Rinda and James!

Cloth diapers = yes! We use Bum Genius (this one:

My advice: get the 12 pack (link above), get one or two liners for night time (esp. once your baby starts sleeping through the night) (, make your own flannel diaper wipes, and make your own spray (easy to find "recipes" online) for the wipes.

I use this detergent for now (the "hard" water kind for Utah..., and I like it so far.

Also, we got some "storage" buckets at Ikea (I think the "Trofast" brand): one small and then one larger one. We put the dirty diapers in the big one, then fit the smaller/shallower one on top like a lid and stick the dirtied wipes in the container on top. It works like a charm and helps keep the dirty diaper smell down. We stick the boxes in the tub until we are ready to bring the diapers down to the laundry!

Good luck!

-Kari (and Jamund and Simon)

Rinda said...


Thanks for the input! This only solidifies my decision. All of those suggestions are so great.

Scott and Becca said...

Cute blog! And you do have a cute little baby bump! Totally forgot about that movie - Scott's never seen it, so we will have to Netflix it in the near future. As for diapering, unless it saves me BIG money, I can't really fathom washing Landon's poopy diapers. I make all his baby food and that is work enough and more beneficial for him, in my opinion.

Brooke R. Harper said...

I was thinking about doing cloth diapers, since we will have 3 in diapers! And it will cost a butt load. But as of right now I'm just gonna stick with regular. Let me know how it goes! And you look adorable!

Sarah said...

You're so cute Rinders, I loved being able to touch your belly!! Also, your boobs are ginormous! Just sayin'.

Chesca said...

So excited for you Rinda!!!

Chelsea said...

Your belly is adorable...James!

And yours is okay, too, Rinders.

Re: cloth diapering. I say if you have the time, go for it! I've heard from a lot of moms who have done similar research that if you're considering it, start with the first bebe otherwise it might NOT be worth it.

Since this is your first (of many, I hope) you will probably save money going this route. Studies have shown that kiddos who use cloth diapers are often potty trained sooner.