Monday, February 14, 2011

if you spent your weekend filming your husband in a bathtub, covered in pancakes, then we had the same weekend

To say the least, this weekend started off really strange. First, before I go into the explanation of why my husband and his best friend are in a bathtub, covered in pancakes, I need to preface this story. My husband and his two best friends graduated from film school together and have been conspiring to create a scetch comedy group on Youtube. Every Friday for the past three weeks they have been hashing out a short, five minute episode for their Youtube campaign. Needless to say, these episodes don't follow the lives of the average trio of friends. James, Jeremy, and Chris just launched their first video on Youtube today. You can check out the short episode here. Trust me. You are in for a treat. Anyway, this weekend they shot a little story involving a certain breakfast escapade. You can see the entire episode on their Youtube channel in a couple of weeks if you are dying for further explanation. I have been doing the production sound for their episodes and it has been a treat. I've learned a lot more in the past three weeks on production sound and it renews my love for sound every time I have a creative experience. I know. It's extremely geeky. You would have a ball in my sound classes. We get really excited about good (and bad) sound... we had a pretty long discussion about the super bowl halftime show. Who didn't have a pretty long discussion about that?

 The next day James and I ventured to Costco, the coolest grocery store known to man (besides Trader Joe's). Where else can you get a colossal polish hot dog and a drink for $1.50? P.S.- I have been craving hot dogs like mad since I've been pregnant. Anyone else? And, believe it or not, this was the best picture of me. If any of you are as un-photogenic as I am, I sympathize with you.

On Sunday, James and I took a little drive to a really great neighborhood, Daybreak. Even if you don't live in Utah, you might have heard of it. The subdivision was designed to be completely sustainable on it's own. There is an elementary school in the middle of it, as well as a grocery store, a downtown area, and a huge lake for boating and outdoor activities. Each individual home is different than the next, and there is a playground every couple of blocks. This house is still in the construction stage, but we really liked it.

We spent our Valentine's Day eating... it seams like that is what most of my posts are about. Eating. Anyway, we made baked asparagus wrapped in bacon... what a contradiction. It was so delicious, but I don't think I am going to want to eat bacon for the next year, much less look at it. Later that night, we went to the mall and spent our Cold Stone gift card (thanks Chelsea and Ryan) on some much needed ice cream. We stopped at Baby Gap on the way out, and I fell in love with Claire all over again. I can't wait to see her, especially in a denim jumper. My summer baby needs to get here sooner. I just can't wait to be able to do so many things with her, like taking a walk or reading a book to her. I know every musician-mom-to-be must say this, but I am being completely honest when I say that I think Claire may have inherited my musical genes. She immediately starts kicking around as soon as rehearsals start, and she only responds to music as opposed to other loud noises. Who knows. I'm just being hopeful.


Chelsea said...

We should have sent a bigger gift card!

Also, I may have bought Claire some skinny jeans at baby gap last week. And when I say 'may' it means I did. And a shirt. And I might have plans to make her a matching headband.

Ryan looked at that picture of James and Jeremy in the bathtub and loudly questioned his eyes and then exclaimed, "That is SO GAY!" Mostly in disbelief and utter shock. It was hilarious.

You look great!

Love you guys,

Sarah said...

Rinda, I love you and I miss you and I have a Trader Joe's GC for you and I loved Ryan's comment about the bath tub scene and I miss you.

April said...

SO after seeing this attractive picture of James and his friend,Nate and I went on Youtube and watched the other video. I have to honestly say that we were kind of uncomfortable... but that tickle fight tune is pretty dang catchy.

I couldn't wait to get Edison in demin overalls,and would get all sappy everytime I went into Baby Gap. Claire will be such an adorable little baby girl.

meg said...

I love your blog, it makes Jared and I want to hang out with you guys more. You may not know this, but I might be more obsessed with food than you, even. So if you ever want to get together to eat, talk about food, look at it, shop for it.. I'm in. : )