Wednesday, October 12, 2011

the cutest laugh

I couldn't resist. I had to upload this video. It's a little long until it gets to the good part, but the wait is totally worth it, at least to me. You know how parents always think their kid is the cutest thing ever, even when you think they really aren't that cute? I wonder if Claire is genuinely cute, like gerber baby cute, or if I'm under some illusion. Either way, I still think she is the most beautiful, adorable, sweet baby that ever lived.


April said...

Ok, so the contrast of James and his silliness and Claire and her expressionless face (besides that adorable smile and laugh) gets me every time. I love your family :)

Rinda said...

yeah, isn't that hilarious? the worst is when she smiles for grandpa and not grandma... i feel so bad.

Kathryn said...

Jani said the same thing about Abigail yesterday.."I wonder if she really is as cute as I think she is."
The answer to both of you have the cutest babies ever!