Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Indonesian Chicken Noodle Soup

Going to the gym to lift weights is one way to work off the bagel with extra strawberry cream cheese you had this morning. However, grinding jalapeno chiles, shallots, ginger, garlic, almonds, lemongrass, and an assortment of spices using a pestle and mortar is another, much more satisfying way. This spicy indonesian chicken noodle soup was well worth the sweat. Imagine a spicy chicken broth with a subtle hint of fish sauce and curry powder, poured over stringy rice vermicelli and shredded chicken, and topped with fried shallots, mung bean sprouts, and a hard boiled egg. It sounds like it would be a bold taste, but underneath the spiciness is a smooth, and (I dare say) smokey aftertaste that leaves me going back for seconds. It takes a little longer than the regular chicken noodle but it might be one of my favorite soups. I found the recipe in an Asian cook book by Williams- Sonoma... its called Asian. I'm sure you can find it on Amazon somewhere. 

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